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Connie Whitman

Make More Sales Without Being Pushy, Icky, or Manipulative

Marcia Bench

5 Hidden Secrets to Unlocking More Sales

Todd Caponi

The Transparency Sale

Kendall SummerHawk

Pricing Secrets for Coaches

Holly Maccue

How to be seen as the no-brainer choice so you can get a YES without a sales call

Christine Volden

The Five Phobias That Prevent You From Getting What you Want in Sales, Life & Relationships

Dr. Kelly Schuh

Worthiness: The Key To Making Sales

Amber J Griffiths

Sales Moxy: Bringing The Right Amount of YOU In For More Sales Success

Cailen Ascher

Selling High-Ticket without Sales Calls

Dijana Llugolli

Soulful Selling

Cindy Bidar

Stop Nurturing, Start Selling

Krista Jennings

Sales Funnels That Converts 

Tina Brinkley Potts

Automation is Like Law of Attraction

Marsha Shandur

Ethical Persuasion Using Storytelling

Karin Olson

High Ticket Programs

Amira Irfan

All Things Legal

Safia Sattaur

How to Make More Sales Despite the Changing Economy 

Kate De Jong

Hustle is Dead! Learn How to Achieve Greater Meaning, Results and Impact — Minus the Struggle

Shannon Lavenia

How to Transform Your Business Into A Profit-Pumping, Freedom Funding Automated Sales Machine

Jeff St Laurent

Understanding the 3 Key Factors that Determine If Someone Will Hire You as a Coach

Nina Concepcion

Conscious Sales

Abby Herman

Minimum Viable Content Marketing: Content without the Overwhelm

Camille Plews

How to Create Irresistible Offers That Sell

Daphne Thomson

The Only 4 Ways to Make Money

Ryan Tuckwood

Right Questions, Right Time, Right Tone

Liz Bloch

 Strategic Selling: The Enrolment Call Process 

Lei Lopez

Energetic Selling


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